Hey! I’m Sofía, 23, from Mexico City…and yes that thing in my neck is an Alien 🙂

e-mail: chofa_t @hotmail. com

So, here I am, again. I’ve submitted this a few times but I don’t have luck :’(

I speak english, spanish (native) and I’m learning italian, ‘cause I want to go to Italy someday. 

I love drawing (i’m super amateur), reading, and skating. I love food :). BTW sorry for my english. I’m excited to send art doodles, newspaper clippings, random things like tea or something. I’ve never had a penpal to send things, so I want to exchange some emails first 🙂

Interests: STAR WARS (i’m a little obsessed). I really like jewerly, necklaces, rings, earings. I love love love HORROR MOVIES, and paranormal things. Ice-cream and chocolate cake. Queen. Things like: good vibes, reincarnation…

DIslikes: hospitals and racist people

  • Movies: Star wars, I origins, Alien, Horror Movies, Pretty Woman (Julia Roberts is so pretty), Hercules (my favorite movie), fanboys, and many many more
  • Music: Queen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Luis Miguel, Selena, and many bands, I like the ska-jazz, ska music and some latin music. 
  • TV: Lost, OITNB, Breaking Bad, Law and Order SVU (I learned the intro, you know, IN THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM, in spanish), and I can’t remember more

Sooooooo.. write me if you’re interested 🙂

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