Name: Laynie
Age: 18
Country: Australia
Other: INTJ, Capricorn, mixed ethnicity, she/her, student, country kid.

Hey guys! I’m looking for pen pals c: I’m happy to hear from people of any race, religion, age, or gender. I’m pretty artistic so I’d be excited to exchange sketches, playlists and letters, if you’re keen on snail mail. But if you’d rather keep it to Tumblr or Skype that’s fine too.
Hobbies: karate, reading/writing, drawing, theatre, singing (badly), photography, hiking/camping, environmentalism/activism, animation, pancakes.
Interests: film, cycling, music, art, my cat, history, design, science, maths, politics, rain.

I watch a ridiculous amount of movies and TV shows, read voraciously, and fill my head with loads of useless songs – so we’ll definitely have some common interests and ‘fandoms’.

message me on Tumblr for my Skype or email details

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