• Hello lovlies, my name is Mira and I’ve submitted here before (though its been a little while.) I am 23 years old, I live in Texas, USA and I work in one of the big Texas cities.
  • I am looking for a pen pal, someone to talk to really because having moved for my job, I know next to noone in the city that I live in; however, if you want to be art pals, that is an added bonus. I’d be chill with people 18 – 30, any gender.

I like arts, and writing, and long walks in the woods, cats and cold weather, photography and crime telle shows.

I don’t like mean people, the Texas heat, and those who take advantage of friendships.

Contact me at:
or mirarhodes93 @ yahoo . com

Interesting facts about me: I have a cat named Minerva and a car named Francois.

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