Hi everyone, my name is Victoria, I am 21 years old and live in California, USA.

I love expressing myself through letters, writing little notes, sending postcards, making drawings, and crafts, painting with watercolors, and reading. i would love to share these little things i like to do with friends who enjoy the same! i find the process of snail mail to be so exciting and fun! I feel like I am pretty open minded to all sorts of different things. I love sharing with people and learning new things. I can talk about anything =) The things i enjoy are art in any form, especially drawing, painting, photography, and crafting.

i love the 60s and 70’s era, the groovy fashion and music, the culture! I also love the skater and surfer culture! I love music, I love rock n roll, metal, psychedelic, garage rock, reggae, salsa, grunge, funk, old school hip hop pretty much anything that moves me! Some of the groups and bands i love are: Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, The Seeds, The b52s, Nirvana, Slayer, Megadeath, Allah-las, bob marley, deep purple, electric wizard, fleetwood mac, rob zombie, gorillaz, jefferson airplane, steppen wolf, the doors =) !

I love anything having to do with conspiracy theories, aliens, paranormal, magic, witchcraft, past lives, ghosts, new age spirituality, nature, art, psychedelic experiences, animals, travel, mythology, alternate universes, time travel, fantasy, surrealism, astrology, horoscopes, mysticism, shamanism, dreams, this type of thing.. I am pretty open to talking about anything, i love to have conversations and find many countless things to be interesting, exciting, and fascinating. I love learning about new things just for the fun of it.. I also love baking desserts, face painting and body art, candy and sweets, going to the beach, hiking, traveling, bike riding and going to the forest!

I am simply looking for a friend that is willing to receive and exchange snail mail with me and who would also enjoy making me little drawings, or exchanging art of any form, talking to me about their daily life, problems, love advice, and of course the interests ive mentioned above, as well as small gifts, postcards, candies, etc..

I dont mind where my snail mail pal is from! it would be amazing to write to anyone anywhere in the world.. I speak fluent English, Spanish, and a bit of Italian.. I am mainkly interested in just snail mail and dont mind what age or whether you are male or female..

My email is: espinozavictoria1 @

Thank you for reading this, bye !

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