Name: Nina

Age: 17

Gender: female

Language: english and slovak, teeny tiny bit of spanish

Location: Slovakia

About me: hey guys, i’m not really good at introductions but i will try 😀 So my name is Nina and i’m a high school student, currently figuring out what to do with my life. My hobbies include music, as i am a huge music geek and i’m proud of it! My music taste ranges from classic rock to indie and alternative stuff, electro music and so on. I could go on for hours haha. I also play guitar, which is one of my biggest passions. Sometimes i write some kind of poems/lyrics but i need a lot of practice at it. Also i’m interested in all forms of art, whether it is movies, visual art or literature so if you like books and spend way too much time watching movies, we will surely have something to talk about! I also enjoy having long discussions about anything, from what happened to you today to philosophy ideas. I really like drinking coffee and tea, sitting in a coffee house with a book 🙂 

This is my first time doing this and i don’t know what to expect so surprise me! I’m open to talking to anybody, i don’t really care about age, the personality is important 🙂

If you feel like we might have something in common, message me on tumblr: thisismyinfiniteuniverse

or on kik: Nina_TheWallflower

when we get to know each other a bit, i would be open to actually sending letters 🙂

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