Hi guys! I’m looking for a tumblr buddy

NAME: Maya

AGE: 17 (almost 18)

LOCATION: Chicago, United States

TV SHOWS I LIKE: currently binge watching House M.D.! But also Jane the Virgin, American Horror Story, Orange is the New Black, some trash reality television (Kate Plus 8), Bobs Burgers, and We Bare Bears

MUSIC: I like EVERYTHING from the 90’s but also Fleetwood Mac, Ed Sheeran, and some current pop / hip hop songs

WHAT IM LOOKING FOR: I’d like to have a buddy who’s around my age (17-20), male or female, preferably from the US but feel free to message me if you’re not 🙂

A LITTLE MORE ABOUT ME: Well I’m bisexual so anybody who wants to connect on that level can talk to me. Also anyone who wants to talk about school, music, stupid things on the Internet or anything else, feel free to talk to me. AND anyone who struggles with mental illness can chat with me as well, I am recovered from an eating disorder and still struggle with Bipolar and Anxiety so I would love to meet someone who relates.

CONTACT : mayask529@gmail.com OR on tumblr youwannakiwano.tumblr.com

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