Hola! Soy Alejandro, 26, soy de Costa Rica / Hi! I am Alejandro, 26, i’m from Costa Rica.

I have been penpaling for some years and i think it’s a kind of addiction haha… Well, through the time i have made some good friends, snailmailing and postcrossing is always exciting, the best of all is doing new friends but i now i am snailmailing too much for my economical possibilities, so now i am turning into e-penpals! (At least by the moment)…

I am looking for penpals to exchange emails, line messages, whatsapp chating, facebook things, etc. and maybe them start snailmailing. I prefer females below 26 but it’s not a must. Can be in english or spanish, everywhere around the globe 😀

I am into:

– To walk in forests or just around my town (I love nature, silent places)
– Reading books (Lovecraft and Jorge Debravo are my favorites but i prefer science books)
– To see movies (specially if it has some sociopolitical or envirionmental background)
– Music (to make my music collection, to play drums, listen to music most around Rock/Metal/Electronic/Punk)
– Postcrossing and penpaling
– I am agriculture engineer so i used to talk about plants, animals, insects, things like that…

Please, if you’re homophobic, racist, fascist, closedmind or any s*it like that, please… avoid to reply 🙂

If you’re interested, please inbox me at http://cosmicpulsations.tumblr.com

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