Pen/Skype buddy


Name: Dakota

: 16 (In July)

: Female

: Melbourne, Australia

About me: Hey my name is Dakota, I am looking for an email and or Skype buddy, I’m soon to be 16 in July this is my first time having a pen pal, I’m an open minded and accepting person I enjoy meeting new people and would say I have a very bubbly and upbeat personality.

I am looking for preferably females from the ages of 15-18 but this is ‘flexible’

Interests: I enjoy a range of musical genres such as indie, rock, heavy metal, jazz, pop, classical, blues, reggae, and k-pop etc.

I also like interior design, art, anime, fashion design, photography and drawing. I also enjoy writing and swimming.

Likes: happy people, open minded people, someone who be consistant with there emails etc, music lovers, horror movie junkies, kid hearted people

Dislikes: homophobic, sexist, racist etc or close minded people.

A random fact about me:

  • I have been published for my art. 
  • I am a traveler and my first international trip was at the age of 12 weeks olds I flew to New Zealand. Countries I have been too include Japan, Fiji, Indonesia, New Zealand, Hong Kong. I plan on traveling around Australia and Indonesia this year again.

My email is:
dakotaclared @ 

If you would like to be a Skype buddy please contact me on my email and then I will give you my Skype name thank you!!! Xo

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