Hi, I’m Katie. I’m 18 and from Alberta, Canada. I’m temporarily living in British Columbia for university. I’m a first year in the Faculty of Music, I’m a pianist.

Likes: All different kinds of music (pretty much all. MOVIE SCORES, indie, jazz, folk, big band, classical, electronic, gospel, blah blah blah. I can pretty much dig it all), books, tea, bees, binge-watching shows, movies (I really enjoy musicals. I can generally sit through movies better if they have musical numbers)

Dislikes: artichoke hearts, intolerance, when my nails/hair gets too long.

I’d like to talk to someone around my age, location and gender doesn’t matter. I’m really shy, as a disclaimer. I’m looking for an email/tumblr pal. I can’t really do snail mail right now, due to current location. 

Email: hugthebumblebees @ gmail . com

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