Name: Meghan
Age: 20
Gender: female
Language(s): English
Location: New Jersey, USA
Interests & hobbies: reading, drawing, colorguard, writing, snowboarding, playing the guitar (badly), thinkin’ about pirates
Likes: ya lit, one direction, harry potter, making playlists, snow, coffee, comfy socks, mac & cheese, when it’s stormy and you’re at the beach and you can’t tell the sea from the sky
Dislikes: when people make fun of things other people enjoy, misogyny, math
What I wish for in a pen pal: I really just want to write cute letters back and forth, maybe send art or doodles or crafty things as well! It would be amazing to meet someone from another country, but I’ll write to someone from anywhere! I wanna be able to talk to someone about their life, everything from what they ate today to the meaning of the universe. You should contact me if we have some stuff in common, or even if we don’t but you think we would get along!
How to contact me: shoot me a tumblr message @ballerinalouis and tell me about you!

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