Name: Amanda

Location: Illinois, US

About Me: Hi! I’m Amanda, I’m currently in my second year of college studying psychiatric nursing! I graduated from high school last year (fall 2015), but my high school offered this awesome program where if you qualified, you could skip either your junior/senior year and get some college done so I skipped my senior year! 🙂 I’m a huge book fan and would love to share my love of books with people (no necessary though) 🙂 I have two tattoos, stretched ears, and I actually just got my nose pierced! 

I would prefer to talk to people around my age, give or take a few. I’d also prefer girls, but that doesn’t really matter, boys are cool too. I do have a boyfriend of three years of whom I am happily with! 🙂

Contact – amandakozie @ gmail . com  or

I’d love to actually be pen pals and send letters/packages, but it’d be awesome to start off on tumblr messager to start to get to know each other! I’m looking for a friend who may possibly end up as a life long friend? 🙂 


Reading/Literature, I am such a huge fan of this and I’d enjoy someone who enjoys books as much (not necessary, though!). Harry Potter, Star Wars, Video games, flowers, tattoos, PUPPIESSSSSSS


Donald Trump, judgmental people, 

I unfortunately only know English, although I did take German for two years and know very few words!

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