Skype Buddy for culture exchange :)


Hello! My name is Eleonora, I’m 21 and I’m an Italian student of International Relations, who really wants to meet new people for a cultural exchange and to become more fluent in the languages that I’m studying, which are English (which I’m fluent in), German and Chinese. 

I’d also love to do a little experiment with anyone who can speak Spanish/French: I’ve never studied these languages but I think it’d be curious to try and see if we can understand each other anyways – due to language similarities, y’know…

it’s pretty hard for me to list my hobbies/interests because I have TOO MANY but I think my main are…

  • Traveling 
  • Learn a lot about anything, I really do think knowledge is a beautiful thing
  • Music (rock mostly)
  • Politics 
  • Art

Here’s how to contact me

( Eleonoradit @ icloud . com )

Eleonora from Milano, Italy

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