long term Penpal


Name: Rafaela
Age: 19 [in June]Location: Greece

Likes:  cats,plants,music,open minded people,travelling,photography,honest people,etc

Dislikes: coffee, homophobics,spiders,tomatoes,the sound of the spoon touching the plate, rain, etc

A few words about me : I’m just a young adult, studying Biology in Greece. In love with landscapes. Artsy person. I’m open-minded and would love to talk about anything as long as you dont shove your opinion down my throat-neither will I-.Isketch a lot. I’m gay. I love plants although I’m allergic to most of them. Might be shy at first but can get pretty comfortable as time goes by.

Ideal Penpal: 

  • Someone between the ages of 17-23. any gender. Location doesn’t matter. 
  • We don’t have to have similar interests at all. 
  • I would love to meet anyone that speaks English or Greek since those are the only languages I’m fluent t. 
  • PLEASE if you decide to answer to this one, don’t stop replying after a letter or two. 
  • Would love to meet someone with whom I’ll snail-mail with, maybe skype too later on. 
  • A real long distance friendship. So if you believe it exists give me a shot

email: rafaela86 @ windowslive.com

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