Bonjour! Je m’appelle Madeleine, (that’s not my real name, but I would prefer you called me that!) and I am a Canadian asexual/aromantic girl who speaks French and English. I am in my 7th year of schooling in French but I really got into it about 3 years ago! I have a budgie by the name of Phyllis & I am a cat fanatic. I’m 17 and I am also an artist, poet and writer, and I am looking for someone to exchange art/poetry or French with. 

Ideally I would like to exchange both art and the French language with someone around my age (anywhere between 16-20). Gender doesn’t matter to me. I am looking for a long-term penpal friendship that I can look back on years from now. I would like to start out skyping and emailing before we send snail mail, so we know each other better beforehand! After we start sending snail mail I wouldn’t mind trading art as well as letters and perhaps little trinkets. I am looking for someone that doesn’t live in Canada, (aside from Quebec, because I would love to hear about Quebec!) and I’m hoping to find a penpal specifically from France or its surrounding areas in Europe. 

likes: you probably, aesthetics, cats, the colors blue, green, pink & orange; pretty handwriting, studying, speaking French, writing poetry, drawing,  vegan food, skyping with my friends, starbucks, birds, the number 17, stationary, fancy pens, music (examples… twenty one pilots, maroon 5, taylor swift) 

dislikes: low grades & -phobic/-ist people (you know what I’m getting at.)

You can contact me on my main blog at
or email me at the. @

My skype will be given to anyone that sends an ask to my main blog. 🙂

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