Accept Friend Request from Amber?


Name: Amber

Age: 17 (18 in September)

Located: Georgia, USA

Looking For: Snail Mail / Art Mail / Package Exchange Pal

Email: haihyunnie @ gmail . com


  • Animals
  • Art: I’m currently obsessed with watercolors and working on perfecting it
  • Books: I used to read tons but I’ve been slacking lately

About Me:

I’m a mix of an introvert and extrovert. Introverted to those who first meet me but extremely extroverted to those who know me. I am a first generation Korean-American, born in New York and raised in Georgia. Although my Korean is not fluent I’m still 80% fluent (I suck at writing haha). I love art as much as I love reading books on a rainy day with a nice cup of tea. 

Fun Fact: I plan on becoming and anesthesiologist.

I’m looking for someone around my age (16-20) who are willing to keep a long term pen pal as well as a new friend. I would love to do art trades as well as package exchanges, however, I might not be able to send any packages until mid July (school takes up too much time for a part time job). 

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