Hello from California!


Hi everyone! I’m Britney and I’m a 21 (22 in two days) year old girl from California, USA. 

I am looking for some penpals since I have been so bored and want to get to know some more people!


  • Animals
  • Video Games
  • Learning
  • Art
  • Photography
  • Warm
  • Coffee


  • Cold weather
  • Mean people
  • Being put in a public setting (i.e. public speaking)
  • Waking up early

I am looking for a pen pal, package pal, and art pal! I would appreciate someone who speaks English and is around my age, maybe no one older than 30. I expect someone who can hold a conversation without sending me a sentence or two (trust me, it has happened). It is very difficult for me if I just get a few sentences to feel motivated to keep mailing you back. You should expect someone who mails you back quickly (as quick as snail mail will let me) and who talks about just random things in life. I would like for this to be a long term thing. 

Want to be my pen pal?
Either message me here at 

or email me at
britten.kitten @ yahoo . com

Random fact about me? I am a barista and make coffee every day of the year!

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