Name: Rebekah

Age: 18


About me: Hello everyone! I am looking to find more penpals that I can write to on a frequent basis. I think that writing to someone is very interesting. I would like to exchange longer letters this year. I do like to put effort into my letters, and make them as creative as I can. I know not everyone is the same, and that’s ok. I really want to find someone who likes to write to me about anything, whether it be their day-to-day life, experiences, current events, or memories. I just want to put more thought into my letters as it does take time/money to make them. 

I would prefer to write to someone who is at least 18, in the USA.

Likes: Coffee, horror films, nonfiction books, painting, photography, traveling, politics, religion, sciences, cooking, Netflix, crafts, stand-up comedy, concerts, documentaries, Forensic Files

(I know my likes seem vague, but it would take forever to be more specific :p)

Dislikes: Math, judgmental people,  negativity

Language: English (some Spanish)

You can message me on my Tumblr:
moodyday556 @ gmail .com

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