Name: Leyla

Age: 17 (18 in a month)

Location: The Netherlands

Looking for: Female Pen pal & art pal aged around 18-21 to send snail mail and packages to, and exchanges some cultural stuff. But above all: a new friend!

I would really like to get in touch with someone who wants to invest in a real friendship. I’d prefer to get to know someone from England or maybe other parts of Britain because I am very interested in British culture and I’d like to travel there this or next year. And maybe we could even meet up then! But if you’re from another country, feel free to contact me as well, please do! I’d love to write each other snail mail and exchange small packages. Also I’d like to maybe send each other some small art things we like or made ourselves.


Music: The 1975, Alt-j, Taylor Swift, Arctic Monkeys, Hozier, The Weeknd, Nirvana, A$AP Rocky, Rebecca Ferguson, Lorde, The Doors, Marina And The Diamonds, Coldplay…

Film/TV: Pulp Fiction, True Romance, The Breakfast Club, Pretty Little Liars, Breaking Bad, all kinds of Detectives.

Books: I love reading but haven’t had much time for it lately, currently I’m reading On The Road by Jack Kerouac and I really like it. Also I’m very interested in all kinds of literature and I really want to read more books.

Other stuffTea, cats, history

About me: I live in a small boring village and I can’t wait ‘till I pass my exams and can get out of here; move to a big city and travel the world. I’m currently in my last year of secondary/high school and after that I’m thinking about studying in film at an arts academy, but I might take a gap year first to learn more about myself as a person and about art, and to improve my portfolio. I really want to make art someday that genuinly touches people. Because of that, I’d like to get in touch with someone who makes/wants to make art as well to talk about that. In my spare time I like to play the guitar, draw, read, eat, watch series and films. I also spend a lot of time fantasizing about my dream future and that makes me a person who seriously believes that all dreams, no matter how big or weird, can come true and for that reason I’d love to get to know someone who kind of thinks like that too and is up to make some weird plans together, or help each other making plans or so.

Don’t hesitate to contact me via;


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