Azyr. 18, United States, AR. 

it me

( Sharkmuffins @gm ail .c om )

((Sorry it’s broken up but I don’t like spam mail))

LIKES: Drawing, Animation, Video games, SCUBA, Electronic Music, Zombies, Sharks, Reptiles, Oceans/Rivers/Lakes, Anything that isn’t UBER-American, Dreamworks Studio.

DISLIKES: Rednecks, Dogs, Horror Films, Dairy, Wasting Money, Wasting Time, Homophobes, Transphobes, Clutter, Dried-out Markers. 

Looking for Pen Pals (Snail Mail), Art Pals, Skype Friends, and Package Pals. I’m also really interested in learning about other cultures.  

I’m looking for someone down-to-earth and humble, like myself. I’m really open to how other people are and I like to see myself as a very accepting person. I’d like to find that in a potential Pen Pal. Preferably someone that’s around my age or a little bit older. MUST SPEAK ENGLISH. I’m working on my German but I’m not that great with it. 

RANDOM FACT: i am a huge nerd and one time I was bitten by a Timber Rattlesnake because i was not paying attention and I woke the poor guy up. 


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