Hello there!


My name is Aurora, 17 years old, and I‘m from The Netherlands. 

I’m looking for a snail mail or an email buddy, but either of them is fine. When we’ve snail mailed for a while, sending packages to each other seems like fun. I’d also like to try some culture exchange! Someone around my age (15-19) would be nice, doesn’t matter what gender or sexuality you have. The only language I can speak besides Dutch is English, sorry about that..

My likes are listening to music (mostly rock or instrumental), dancing (ballroom and latin), plants, keeping fish, baking, watching movies/series (action/fantasy/comedy/horror work well for me), watching anime, reading manga, tea, photography, drawing/painting, forests, videogames, biology, astrology, traveling, mythology, and soon I’m going to start with archery.

To contact me, please do so on my tumblr blog:

Hope to hear from you soon!

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