Hey guys! My name is Christal, 23 and I’m from the Philippines. 

I am actually and old pen pal buddy here but I stopped for a year because I kept changing locations and started working. But anyhoo, I’m back! 🙂

You can contact me at
chunky.munky07 @
You can also reach me ( )

I love books, indie music and I took up coloring recently. I also love sending postcards. If you’re up to swapping, I’m game for that! Oh and I LOVE my pet toy poodle named Chico,

My dislikes, well, generally negativity towards anyone or anything.

I’m not very picky with pen pals. I love to meet people from around the world! Australians are very much welcome as I plan to move there sometime soon.

Random fact: I traveling alone. 😀

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