Hello! My name is Fox, I’m 19 years old and it’s nice to meet you!

I’m looking for someone to exchange emails or IM messages, perhaps occasionally supplemented with ‘snail mail’ letters or packages. I am comfortable connecting over various social media (Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter) as we get to know each other. 

I’m a first year Computer Science major going to school in New York, USA

My interests include video games (I adore Skyrim and Mass Effect in particular), poetry (Clementine Von Radics, Richard Siken and Pablo Neruda collections travel with me everywhere) and music (especially pop punk, punk rock and musical theatre, but I like some of almost every genre, so I’m always open to recommendations!). I’m a theatre nerd and a trained actor with a penchant for Shakespeare. I consider myself a witch, and dabble primarily in crystal work, but I am learning to make sigils, as well as work with runes and tarot readings. If you are also interested in witchcraft, or especially if you have experience and would be willing to teach me what you know, this is a definite plus!

I’m looking for: someone of any gender, English speaking, between 18 and 25 years old, feminist and LGBT+ friendly (I identify as genderqueer and bisexual, if you can’t be respectful of that, I don’t want to talk to you)

If you think we could be friends, you can message me at 
or email me at ( littlemxfox @ ) 

I can’t wait to hear from you!

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