Hey, I’m Tabitha! I’m 17 (18 in roughly 5months) I’m looking for some Pen Pals to Send Snail Mail too! I’m from Washington, US so I’d prefer someone out of state. 🙂

Here’s a bit about me;

  • I Absolutely LOVE makeup I plan on being a cosmetologist, I love ferrets! I have four c: 
  • I read and write on my free time, I’m a senior and ASB Vice President at an alternative school
  • I prefer people anywhere from ages 13 to 24.
  • My favorite colors Are pink, mint and maroon! ❤️❤️


; Positive people, writing, reading, makeup, hair, ferrets, making friends, sleeping, hanging out with friends, horror movies, music (any an all) people who have attitudes and like to stand up for people, funny insults, someone that can take a joke.

Dislikes; Negative people, creepy people, people who argue about stupid things, people who get mad easily, animal abusers, bullies.

If you’d like to be my pen pal or you’re interested in sending snail mail or packages let me know!

You can contact me by email or tumblr message.
; Bmthorizon @


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