Hello! My name is Leah (Leia, Leah P, Little Leah, Nighthawk, the nicknames are endless). I am 18 and I am from Massachusetts, but go to a therapeutic boarding school in New Hampshire, US.

Likes: Star Trek, Star Wars (yes I like both), FIRST Robotics, Bernie Sanders, feminism, space, engineering, reading, writing, knitting, animals, penguins, plants, etc.

Dislikes: Donald Trump, closed-minded people, racists, sexists, rapists, etc.

What I am looking for: any gender! preferably between the ages of 17-23. Can be from anywhere! 

I can only speak English, and I’m trying to learn German. I have Spanish up to Spanish 3, and I know a little Hawaiian!

Email: lpinner @ shortridgeacademy . com

Fun Fact: I’ve met Dean Kamen and I sang for the Mayor of Boston! [There’s a lot more cool facts about me to come!]

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