Hey! I’m Hannah, and I am from New Jersey, US (but grew up in Staten Island, New York) and am 19 years old.

I am looking for a very loyal and dedicated pen pal to send snail mail and maybe even small packages to. I am looking for someone that is mainly around 18-22 that I can really talk to, get to know, vent to lol, and just talk about really awesome things. I hope to be even life long friends. I am trying to find pen pals in England, Denmark, Germany, and California, but all are welcome…seriously.

I am a calligraphist and very passionate about sending VERY cool letters (but I won’t spoil just how my letters look and how they are, mainly because they vary in the coolness department and no letter that I make is the same). But I don’t want to write out really cool letters for a person who is not going to be dedicated with being my pen pal, because frankly it takes a lot of effort to make the letters and of course money and resources. But I am an old soul and like to pretend that I live in the 17 hundreds where the only real communications were through letters, so that is why I am passionate about it and dedicated.

Anyway, my likes vary through a very broad spectrum, but I’ll give you the basics. First off I am a VERY big music fan, and I am not just saying that like all the rest. Just to name a few bands that I love, there are The Beatles (#1 above all others- I even go to The Fest for Beatles Fans every year), Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Alice in Chains, Bowie (devastated by his death, and am actually listening to him right as I am writing this), Siouxsie and the Banshees, Rush, basically anything classic rock, but I do love indie/alternative rock from today such as Alt-J, Phantogram, and Neon Indian.

I also love anything to do with writing and reading. My favorite book is The Great Gatsby. I read a lot actually. 

My favorite movie is Almost Famous, I love going on adventures such as climbing hills to look at deer hoping around and I LOVE going to concerts. I love anything vintage as I have an old polaroid and collect vinyl. 

I guess the only way to really get me is to look at my tumblr which shows exactly the things I love. Hope to hear from so really cool people soon! 

Email me at my email beetlegerl9 @ yahoo . com
which I check very often
My tumblr is

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