Be my Friend?



Name: Autumn

Age: 23

Location: Connecticut, USA

Ok guys, this is like…my fourth ad on here and everyone has fizzled out. :/ 

I’m looking for someone who will actually write back to me. Email is alright, but I would really prefer snail mail. I feel like most of the people who start with emails with me get bored and stop writing. 

I like nearly everything. Music (I play violin), books (YA mainly), movies, anime, manga, I’m vegan, I love all animals, Marvel, Harry Potter, tarot cards, Supernatural, all sorts of cultures and food, Pagansim, Theater, writing, arts and crafts etc… It’s sort of obnoxious at how varied my interests are. I can nearly guarantee that we will have something in common. 

For my penpal I would actually like someone out of the country. I’d love it if you were from: Scotland, Ireland, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Germany, Japan or South Korea, or anywhere else in Europe. I want to learn all about cultures. I want you to treat me like your diary, if you feel the need. Tell me what goes on in your day, even if you think it’s unimportant. Send me the random grocery store receipt. I’d love to take a glimpse into your everyday life because I’m too poor to travel. I’ll live in your country through your letters. 

I would like you to be 18+ or be in university, since I am and I think we’d have more in common. 

I really hope to hear from you soon! You can email me or contact me at
my tumblr:
Email address: sal410cat @ gmail . com

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