Hello! My name is Leanna, I’m 19, a fourth year college/university student, and I’m looking for people to email with! I’m going to be studying abroad in South Korea starting at the end of February, otherwise I would write letters.

Interests: reading, writing, music (every aspect of it), current events/ politics/ intellectual discussions, everything really haha. I’ll talk about anything and everything.

I’m not really looking for a particular age range or gender, but someone near my age would be cool! I only speak English fluently, but my Korean is alright. I’m teaching myself so it’s a slow process.

I’d like to email, send stories and photos of what we’re both up to, and maybe I can send a package or two while I’m in Korea! And hopefully we can keep talking even after I get back home.

Contact me through my tumblr ( )
and we can exchange emails there!


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