Name: Mahmoud

Age: 23

Location: Algeria

Likes: reading, anime, all things art, music.

About me: I’m 23. Live in Algeria. I just finished my university education and got “B+” on biochemistry ( I know , it’s a bit low but the exams were hard , I admit -_- ) I’d love to find anyone who can speak Finnish . I work at cosmetic shop at my local town although right now I’m only taking Finnish lessons and I found that it doesn’t help me so much I like to travel a lot . What’s life without a bit of trips and adventures ?

I’m looking for: 

  • someone who is ok with emails or kik with the occasional letter here and there. 
  • It’s been really busy in my life right now so it’s been hard to send any out. 
  • Anybody between the ages of 18-23. 
  • I also wouldn’t mind anybody who speaks Finnish/Swedish . That way I can practice as I get to know you 🙂

Skype : mimo.lao1
Email : hybrid13.k.t.m @
Tumblr : 

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