Name: Viktor Van

Nickname: I’m used to being called just about anything. Nicknames I’ve previously had Ghost, Cloud, and Plue!

I’m located in New Jersey, United States. 

My email address is ivarofniahkhera @ gmail . com

Likes: Reading, Writing, Cooking, Gaming, Studying, Psychiatric Rehab, Traveling, Roleplaying

Dislikes: Politics (cause it’s a headache), Boring People, Mathematics (Outside of Statistics), Hot Weather, Crappy Music

When it comes to a pen pal I am looking for someone of age and preferably in college/grad school. I would like to talk with someone has similar interests, but that isn’t a requirement. Language wise is English. Um if you’re from a different country I won’t usually complain about not being too great at it. Like little mistakes will be looked over as long as I get what you’re typing. Country wise: USA or a European country (Italy, Germany, England, etc)

I would prefer to communicate through the email above, I can also use an IM like KIK or LINE. Snapchat is possible. Snail Mail is for US only if one wanted to.

A random fact about would be that I like to collect Amiibos and POP! Figures! 

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