Looking for Pen Pal :)


Hi! My name is Genna, I’m 16 and I live in California. I’m a junior in high school (grade 11). 

I love photography, movies, sewing/knitting, traveling, coffee and pretty much all music. I play guitar and sing, also. I’m pretty introverted and shy, but I actually really love talking to people. My favorite thing to do is explore and get lost because I love finding in new places. Honestly I have no idea what to write here.

I would prefer a pen pal near my age, like 15-18, from anywhere. I’m looking for someone I can talk to about life, music, honestly anything, who I can share little gifts and doodles with. Mostly I’m just looking for someone to get to know and be good friends with.

my tumblr: solar-brat.tumblr.com

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