Hello there, So my name is Katherine, I’m 18 years old (yay) and I’m from Canada, Quebec. 

My first language is french so that’s why I do some mistakes.I never know what to tell in this kind of thing because I have the feeling like I’m selling myself.

I’m searching a snail mail buddy whit who I will be able to send whatever we want. Sincerly, I don’t really mind if you want to send postcard or letter or art mail, I will do want you want to do 🙂 I really love writting so maybe in my letter I will write a lot but Hey, that’s cool to have a long letter no?

  • I’m a big fan of reading. My bible is Harry Potter. I have the collection in french and in english (I know it’s kind of stupid but..). I love other books too (I don’t only read Harry Potter all the time duh). I really like Colleen Hoover books (it’s rare someone who read her books so heya people who know her :3), guild huntress and other stuff.
  • I love movie and tv show (a real fan girl hehe). My favorite movie are the reader, Harry Potter (of course), Mommy ( a Quebec movie), Adore (a french movie), the way he looks… I really love movie who let you speachless. For the tv show it’s an other thing. I love grey’s anatomy, Shameless, Skins, Criminals minds (I want the Reid’s brain please) and a lot of others stuff

I’m not only on my computer so I love a lot of other things but it will be long to explain all of that here…. Oh I love my bed. Sleeping is life (When I’m not in school, (Don’t misunderstand me, I love my nurse class, I just love my bed like it’s the love of my life). 

I’m looking for a penpal who is open minded…. that’s all I want 🙂

So you can contact me on my e-mail or on tumblr, 🙂
E-mail: Katherine.dumont98 @

See ya :)x

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