Name:  Jennifer
Age:  34
Gender:  Female
D.O.B./sign:  8/3 – LEO
Language(s):  English
Location:  Shawnee, KS (USA


  • Reading (My favorite genre is Memoirs, but I do enjoy just about everything else as well. Fantasy is a close second favorite.

  • Binge Watching Netflix

  • Spending way too much time on Tumblr and Facebook.
    Writing letters

  • Junk Journaling

Random Things I enjoy:


  • “Rocky Horror Picture Show”

  • The smell of fresh cut grass

  • Watching my dog bark at trees when he thinks there are squirrels in them

  • Window Shopping

  • Hot tea on a cold day

  • Mail art that you send straight through the mail with no envelope

  • Gay Pride/Equal rights

  • Photos or Polaroids (Random photos taken in your day to day life)

  • Anything Turtle related

  • Flowers

  • Jelly Fish

  • Hand drawn art or doodles

  • Photos of your life. Show me your life through photos. Where you live, where you travel or anything that you found awesome and decided to take a photo of it.

  • Postcards (I Prefer The 4" X 6" Ones)

  • Things from different countries (Show me your country)

  • Found photos

  • Found objects (with a tale of how you found it)

  • Random Items from your pocket or purse. (Not trash obviously). Show me your life through your items

  • I love letters or notes sent on odd things. You don’t have to write a note or letter on standard paper. Use your imagination. Send me a letter or note on something awesome. 

Dislikes: Close Minded People, Bigots, Negative People, Bullies and Children Who Have No Respect For Their Parents or People In General.

You can reach me at:
or at th.is_is_me @

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