Hey y’all! My name is Katelyn. I am currently 21 and living in Texas (United States) going to university. This is my fourth year studying music education with the aspiration of being a middle school/high school band director. I speak English and American Sign Language (although that’s not going to do me much good in written letters). I’ve had a few penpals over the years, but most of them have stopped writing for one reason or another. I love having the written connection to people around the world.

I enjoy a variety of things. Lazy mornings spent in bed are by far my favorite. Science fiction is probably my favorite genre (I totally fan-girled over the new Star Wars!!). I love it so much that I took a science fiction literature class this last semester for my humanities credit. I also love space, cats, fall/winter, reading, music (duh), and the list goes on. Snoop around my tumblr and you’ll get a feel for the random selection of stuff that I like.

I’d love to find a pen pal with similar interests but really, I’d love to get to know you regardless. I don’t have a preference for gender (most of my past pen pals have been females and I’d really love to add some variety to the mix); age doesn’t matter (as long as you’re not a creepy serial killer or anything, haha); sexual orientation doesn’t matter either, I’m open to anyone and everyone on the LGBT+ spectrum (I’m panro/asexual if it makes you feel better knowing that first).

Message me on here if anything you’ve read strikes your fancy and you would like to become pen pals.

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