Looking for a new Pen Pal!(:


Hi, my name is Kelsey. I am sixteen (will be in two days) and I’m from the U.S. The reason why I’m searching for a pen pal is because I’d enjoy having someone to write to that doesn’t know me, someone I can tell anything. I’d like to have a pen pal in the United States, only because I’m very poor. If you’d like to be pen pals, please send a stamped envelope along with your letter.

Some of my interests include: The X-Files, aliens, all things weird, literature, art, extremely underground music, antiques, and neuroscience. I’m also really into case files, like criminal files that you can read, and postmortem photography books. I know, weird… I’m really awkward and you can probably tell from my writing if we ever become pen pals. Oh, I also love to write. I’ve written tons of poetry and a whole book but I’ve never allowed anyone to read it. I also write music scores and screenplays, but I don’t let anyone see those, either… Also, I have a girlfriend and she’s okay’d this, as long as you’re not a creep or are going to hurt me or her, of course…

Please be 13-17, as I’m not comfortable with any other age range. My tumblr is http://lamesorry.tumblr.com. Please send me an ASK, not a message or fan mail. Okay, I think that’s it! Looking forward to meeting my perfect pen pal. (:

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