My name is Jillian. I am from the United States, but have an overwhelming desire to discover new places. Ideally, I would like to move to Germany. I am fifteen. 

Hobbies: I play the cello and enjoy dabbling on other instruments. I’m primarily a cellist, but I play the drums in a few bands including a jazz band. Theater is amazing and I could go on and on about musicals. I want to study music when I’m older just to ensure I’ll be financially unstable. Hahaha. I love art, I mostly enjoy looking at it and discovering it. I find that I connect with people who share similar music tastes with me. I love Neutral Milk Hotel, Ella Fitzgerald, Modest Mouse, FIDLAR, The Microphones, Adult Mom and a lot more. I love to write, but currently I’ve been in a state of writer’s block for the past few months. I love to talk about movies/film. I’m constantly looking for new movies to watch, books to read, music to listen to, things to try. I love learning languages. I take German, Greek and Latin. I’m just looking for someone to connect with.

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