I purposely did not include a picture. I do not want someone to contact me based upon my looks in this ‘ad’ and I certainly don’t want someone to turn me down based upon my looks. I want a penpal that is drawn to our similarities and differences. We talk for a few weeks, get a picture of what we think our new friend looks like in our head, then are surprised by the actual appearance of each other. But by that time it doesn’t matter because we’ve made a solid friendship.

Name: Davina

Age: 16

Location: Pennsylvania, United States

email: davinaroberts35 @

I like to think. I’m a self proclaimed activist and an all around weirdo.

My Musical taste range from Elvis and Frank to NIN and Mothxr and Chief Keef. I’m always looking for something new to listen to. 

I like to write poems, stories, lists. 

Listening to people is one of my many talents. 

I don’t really dislike anything 🙂

What I’m looking for: an open person willing to communicate often and ponder on random things. Just an all around chill person or someone that wants to become a chill person. If you’re struggling with something I’m here. ANY FORM OF PENPALNESS IS COOL. (snail mail, email, text mail?) we’ll sort it out once I get that initial email!

I only speak English fluently so that is the only barrier, but anyone for anywhere is welcome.

I cry every time I see Tom Hanks. 

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