hey hello hi !! my name is Ty !! a name is the standard place to start, but doesn’t really mean all that much without anything to attach it to. so !!


  • me !! (woah what) (I’m also mixed, so I guess I’m two types of Ty//Thai)
  • a current University student in Michigan, US !!
  • an aspiring animator !!
  • a fencer !! (and subsequently, a grade-A, genuine, certified sword weab)
  • someone who has not met nearly as many robots as he would have liked to by now !!
  • an ally to all small creatures !! (even ants and especially caterpillars)
  • terrible with finances !! (the new Disney Infinity figures are really well sculpted and going to the movies is super fun okay hop off leave me alone, MOM)
  • looking to exchange snail mail and small packages with someone at least my age ( 18 )

writing about myself in the third person is unexpectedly jarring. I’m glad to be back home, in the first person perspective.

anyway !! if you think we could be cool guys together and have a chill time or you just think I’m sweet and wanna let me know, 

contact me either at my blog )
or my email address dyonysiac @ gmail .com 

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