Hey there!! My name is Jenny James ~ I live in the U.K, my parents have a villa in Portugal ~ I am 19 year old.

email…. Jenny_james@mail.com

I would love someone to exchange emails back or forth with! I use to do A LOT of letter writing but, I got so busy with a relationship that didn’t end so well, and a job I didn’t end up staying at. So I figured I’d give this another go.

a bit about me (But not too much so we have somewhere to start in the letters) I’m a bit of  country girl. I love being outside. I love reading. it calms me down and helps me relax. I am obsessed with Supernatural… its really bad.

I’m an open minded person. I’ve grown up around loud and not shy guys my whole life, so I’m not really a judgie person nor will anything you tell me surprise me at all.

I’d like to write to someone who is 14 and up ( girl) just because anything younger would feel weird. I’m all for snail mail but if someone wants to email thats ok too, I never Skype anyone . I’d like a pen pal in the states,or asia but if you’re in another country that’s awesome. I’m not very picky if you haven’t noticed.

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