Name: Stephanie

Age: 25 (26 next month)

Location: Michigan, USA

Hobbies/Interests: Reading, gaming, watching terrible movies on tv, Netflix, swimming, 90s nostalgia, reading weird/creepy things on tumblr, nature, thunderstorms, Halloween, museums, camping, body positivity, collecting Funko Pops, sleeping in/staying up late, watching streamers on twitch,

Dislikes: Closed-mindedness, terrible movie adaptations, candles that smell like plastic, driving, hard gummy bears, soggy broccoli

Fun Fact: In 6th grade, I won the grade wide thumb wrestling championship. There was no prize and I’m not very good anymore. 

I prefer snail mail, though I wouldn’t be opposed to email. I love to send packages after I have gotten to know my pen pal a decent amount. I am looking for someone 24+ and mostly from the US but would love to have one or two from out of the country!

Contact: belugaorchestra @ gmail .com

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