I’m Stephanie. I’m 25 (26 next month) and I am from a small town in lower Michigan.  I’m starting to look into nursing schools, and working my way to applying soon.

I love reading, writing, video games, movie marathons, and sleeping during thunderstorms. I have a growing stash of chapstick that I cant seem to control.

I love horror related things; movies, books, Halloween, reading about the paranormal/cryptozoology, etc. 

I still jam out to the Spice Girls on a regular basis, well…most 90’s music is still on play on my spotify. I also really love celtic music, or any type of relaxing instrumental music.

A typical Saturday for me is binge watching house building/buying shows while listening to my cat snore under the bed.

I’m looking for pen pals around my age (around, but not limited to ~23-30ish), that have a few things in common with me. I love getting to know people and learn things about places or hobbies that I didn’t know before.

I would love snail mail pen pals, but wont turn down e-mail pals as well! I also really love to send out small packages (books, pens, stationery, CDs, postcards, etc) after I’ve gotten to know my pen pal a good bit. 

If you are interested in being pen pals, feel free to message me on tumblr or email me : belugaorchestra@gmail.com. 

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