Looking For Snail-Mail Pen Pal, Serious Offers Only Need Apply!


Name: Paige

Age: 17, about to turn 18

Gender: Agender and Agenital, but anatomically female

Sexual/romantic orientation: asexual, biromantic

Language(s): Fluent native English, learning French (beginner), Spanish (elementary), and German (elementary)

Location: Georgia, USA

Interests and hobbies: Sooo many, so I’ll split them up into categories.

  • Gaming: Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, Tomodachi Life
  • LGBTQA+: people with similar orientations and genders, also people interested in similar activities, activism, etc.
  • Japanese Culture: Hello Kitty, various animes, a few mangas, gaming (listed above), Lolita fashion, kawaii culture, Japanese stationery, especially pens
  • World History: WWII, Holocaust Studies, Romanian history, the rise of communism, Roma (sometimes known as Rom or gypsy) lore and history, medieval Japan, the Mongols, era of dystopian literature, the American Civil Rights Movement (or other countries which I may be unfamiliar with!) as well as any tidbit you may find interesting! I love to learn!
  • Food (Vegan/Vegetarian): fried rice, cheese pizza, veggie burgers, french fries, tater tots, hashbrowns… potatoes. And oodles of noodles! 
  • Cutesy things: most of Japanese culture, but also teddy bears, piggy banks, cherry blossoms, Lisa Frank, and florals
  • Music: The Cinematics, The Bravery, Twenty One Pilots, The Vitamin String Quartet, just to name a few. I listen to a wide variety of music, really all but rap, and even then I enjoy a good parody. 
  • Random: naps, mantis shrimp, tattoos, volunteering, home organization and planning, thinking about world travel

Likes: Working at The Boys & Girls Club of America, napping excessively, letter writing

Dislikes: Rude, disrespectful, or ignorant people.

What I wish for in a pen pal: People of diverse interests, personalities, and ideals. Respectful people who are willing to listen and understand when they are faced with new ideas or facts. I love unique letters and stationery, but homemade is my favorite! Small gifts like stickers are always a beloved treat, and lines of poetry shared between friends, nestled in an envelope is one of life’s greatest treasures. As long as you keep in touch with me and treat me with mutual respect and we learn more about each other, we will become fast friends!

What I’m bringing to the mailbox: Snazzy stationery, frequent correspondence, my boring rants about stationery supplies, and lots of stickers. Perhaps unsolicited advice about paper quality and the best pens to use for various endeavors.

Random factoids: I’m a bit of an overachiever. I work at the Boys & Girls Club of America, and I also write to soldiers overseas. I frequent Shakespeare’s Tavern. My favorite color is brown. I’m a member of my high school’s FCCLA chapter. I love dystopian fiction. I identify as Greek Orthodox, but my beliefs tend to blend more nicely with the deist perspective. I write professionally online. I have a beautiful, amazing, and brilliant girlfriend of 5 years. I prefer pants over skirt and dresses, but I wear makeup. Bad puns are my specialty. I’m a member of the Letter Writers Alliance. I seem pretty stuffy at first glance but I am incredibly laid-back. I’m an ethical veg, but I don’t hope to impose my morals on you! I write too much about myself when given the opportunity. 

How to contact me: If my incredibly long post didn’t scare you off, feel free to message me @dantemagistar on tumblr anytime! I’m a polyphasic sleeper so I’m liable to be awake at weird hours. 

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