hi, i am sofia (18) i live in germany and speak fluent english,german,greek and i am currently learning spanish. some of my interests that are really important to me are animal und human liberation, my days are usually filled with sketching,music,books and a good movie or series. ehm yes and i do spend quite some time in my chaotic room, but that does not mean i am a sloth. maybe, just a little bit. a couple of weeks ago a friend told me about her pen pal friend and i caught a glimpse of the letter put in a cute little envelope, and i remembered how lovely and cool it is to send and receive letters, so if you like to to discuss books,movies,music,current events maybe in a pseudophilosophical way and stuff ,message me on my tumblr (damnsenseless)  and i would really like to send you a cool and lovely letter put in a cute little envelope. (if you are interested in a language exchange or prefer emails,thats cool too!) 

just a little note on my dislikes: no racism, no sexism, no transphobia,no homophobia,no biphobia, no antisemitism, no cultural appropriation, no gender roles , no patriotism ,no nationalism, no islamophobia, no xenophobia.. i guess you got the point by now.

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