Hello there! Ciao!
My name is Rachele, I’m a 20-year-old Italian student, who is found of foreign languages. I’m attending my second year of university and I study German&Russian.
If you got into my bedroom, you would see books everywhere, because I love reading! I’m also into photography, even though I only take pics with my mobile (LOL) and into learning brand new things about foreign countries  (traditions, dialects, stereotypes and so on). Unluckily I don’t have enough free time for snail mail, so it would be great to message through emails or private messages on tumblr!
I’m looking for open minded people, who like talking about literature, books but also daily routine and randomness!
I can speak English, German and a bit of French – Russian is still hard for me, but if you want to help me with it, feel free to contact me! ☆
Here my email:
And that’s my tumblr blog:

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