My name is Julia and I am a 16 year old girl living in Berlin, Germany. I’m not actually German, as my parents are Polish and Portuguese but I was born and grew up here.
One would probably describe me as rather introvert but I actually love connecting with people, but do sometimes have problems with expressing myself and giving my opinion in an oral conversation. Writing makes it easier and is a great way for me to slowly practise the other way as well (that’s one of the reasons why I am looking for a pen pal). I love deep talks and in general just meaningful or sometimes maybe also meaningless conversations. No matter if they’re about important issues, stupid ideas or the dream we had last night. I miss this kind of conversations as I barely have them in my everyday life.
I’ve always been into reading but I recently rediscovered my love for it again after losing interest in books the last years. Another thing I am currently rediscovering is my love for art in any form. That’s why I would appreciate it if we would send some creative stuff or little memories or gifts with our letters as well. You could say that I’m on kind of a rediscovery-of-myself-track, but I won’t say too much here (as it’s only meant to be a short introduction, the real one will follow later). I love music and listen to quite a big variety of it. Also I’m really into the environment, saving our planet and animals.
I think I’m already writing too much here, but I just want you to be able to imagine what kind of person I am (okay that’s probably impossible after such a short introduction as every human being is so complex but nevertheless).
So well, I am a very open minded person and would be happy to get some impressions from other parts of the world as well as finding a good friend.

my tumblr: kreisbleibtklein

my email: julia.victoria.9699@gmail.com

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