Hi my name is Mégane (You can call me Megan, but please do not call me Meg). I’m 19 years old and I’m from Montréal, Canada.

I’m non-monogamous, queer/homoflexible, intersectional feminist and vegan. ENFP, if that means anything to you.

Likes : Art, History, Music (mostly alternative, punk or emo), Makeup, Politics, Activism, Nature, Animals, Litterature, Veganism, Body Modifications, Movies.

Dislikes : Xenophobia, Homophobia, Transphobia, Meninist/Men’s Right Activist, SWERF & TERF (google-it)Please do not contact me if you are an anti-feminist or non-feminist/non-ally. Meat eaters that tells me that I’m going to die/I need more protein/Bacon is life/Cheese is too good/Vegan food is disgusting. You’re boring , go away. I also dislike peanut butter. A lot. 

I’m looking for one pen pal or more. I do not want to contact too many people because I fear I may not be able to answer all of you. I’m open for pen pal, email buddy, skype friend, culture exchange, art pals and package pals !  For email buddy’s and skype friends : I’d like to share gifts or actual letters too sometimes. 

My first language is french but I’d say I’m pretty fluent in english, Or I’m getting close to being fluent in english. Looking for people who can speak either french or english very fluent, simply because I do want to express myself a lot and be understood. Sorry.

My tumblr is
and you can contact me on my email ;
megane-jolicoeur @ hotmail. com

I’d rather talk with people who are between 18 and 25 years old. +100000 bonus point if you’re vegan/interessed in going vegan. (I don’t have many vegan/vegetarian friends, so I’d sure like to meet people who also have a plant based diet !)

I don’t care if you’re a little older but I do wish to talk to people who are over 18*.

* If really REALLY interessed and like, 17 , contact me anyway and we’ll see.

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