Looking for pen pal


Hey my name is Antonia and i’m 16.  

I speak and write in English and I know some Spanish.

I would love a pen pal or someone to exchange art with.

  • TV shoes I like: Twin Peaks, Parks and recreation, X-files, bates motel, AHS (Anything on netflix)
  • Music: David Bowie, The Smiths, New Order, The cure, Sex pistols, Bikini kill, Bratmobile, Arctic monkeys, Avett brothers, Lorde, Melanie Martinez, and the 1975.  
  • Hobbies: Playing cello, art, baby goats, feminism (watch out I will lecture you.) 

Random fact: I’m vegetarian 🙂

Dislikes:  Sexism, Racism, Homophobia.  

I would love to talk to someone who is also in high school. Also I am Wicca/pagan so if you’re not okay with that then you don’t have to talk to me.  

this is my tumblr you can contact me any time 🙂 
My insta is pixie.bee

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