First name: Quiara (key-air-uh)

Age: 18

Location: USA

Languages I speak: English

Other interests: Sleeping, anime, hiking, reading, camping, adventures, drinking hot beverages, writing in my journal, all types of music, binge watching tv shows, and a lot of other things in between. I cannot give you all the details or else we won’t have anything to write about! I consider myself a very open person though who is able to almost talk about anything.

What I would like in a pen pal: Preferably female, 17+ in age, English speaking, and location does not matter.

I tend to write quite a bit, and I was hoping to write to people who could do the same. I am a curious and caring person who will put great effort into making the letter/package cute and fun while getting to know you. Someone who could put in the same effort would be great. 

At that, I would like to participate in a snail mail exchange. Feel free to message me on tumblr, so we can get to know each other. Hopefully from there it will bud into a great friendship in which we can write to each other via snail mail. <3 


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