My name is Aliss, I live in Western Australia, and I’m an artist.

I have a passion for almost all music kinds of music; from Nirvana to Hilltop Hoods to Halsey to Ed Sheeran. and I’m not ashamed to say I’m a big fan of Aussie Rap. But if you like any type of music, i’ll like you.


Board games, photography, yoga, music festivals, concerts, murals, running, piercings, animal activism, sentimental things, pin up boards and community service.


People who live through their phone and people with selfie sticks.

I’m looking for anyone, any age, any nationality, any gender who is happy to write sincere letters and tell me about their life.

I decorate my letters artsy and decorate them, and will occasionally include little gifts or trinkets in them, and maybe even packages once in a while, and I do hope that you also put effort into your letters.  

Please email me if you’re interested :))


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