Heey! My name is Nicole, and I’m an 18 year old living in the sunny state of Florida, USA. I am a sophomore in college studying under the major of Film. I have a random mixture of interests, from traveling to longboarding at night with my friends. I’m the friend that’s always open to new experiences, so that being said, I would love a pen pal that’s open minded as well! Some other things about me include being that I love making YouTube videos, learning about new cultures, getting better at speaking Spanish, and listening to music.

I would really love a pen pal from anywhere, really!  I would just like if we were around the same age. I’m not a huge fan of watching television, but when I do, I’m either rewatching Parks & Rec or Bob’s Burgers on Netflix. It would be cool if we could exchange stuff like how our days were, our favorite places to go to,  and maybe even care packages! 

You could probably get a better idea of me by scrolling through my very random Tumblr. Can’t wait to hear from any future snail mail pals 🙂

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