My name is Jordan. I have never had a Pen pal and would love to get to know people from different places 🙂

I am 23 and I am from Florida where it is hot pretty much all year round lol.

I love art, singing, music, reading, traveling and learning. So basically anything that involves being creative and expressing yourself and your individuality.

I love mysteries whether it be a movie, tv show or a book.

I have a huge obsession with anything and everything Disney (no shame lol) as well as Halloween.

My favorite TV shows and movies are:  Disney :D, American Horror Story, Bates Motel, Penny Dreadful, Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice (I cant wait to see PP and Zombies), She’s the Man and a lot more lol.

Favorite Music:  I love musical theater, rock, punk, alternative, indie, classical and some pop.

Favorite Artists: Paramore, Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Plumb, 5 Seconds Of Summer (one of the best concerts I have ever been to), Tori Kelly, Nathan Sykes.

I would love to get to know new people if anyone is interested my email is jlb102792@yahoo.com and my twitter is @FreeMySpirit_77.

Hope to talk to you soon 😀

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